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Interactive Research School For Health Affairs (IRSHA), Pune

IT Policy


Interactive Research School for Health Affairs (IRSHA) commits to establish the appropriate use of information technology (IT) system to protect the data integrity, data security, confidentiality and availability of information generated, managed and controlled by the Institute. Use of IT related resources would facilitate management, faculty, students, staffs and visiting guests to protect the information from unauthorized access, disclosure, corruption and loss for the advancement in research, service, and business objectives.

The IT Policy defines regulations and guidelines for proper usage and maintenance of data, proprietary software systems, computer network devices and other related information to ensure their ethical and acceptable use by authorised users and customers.

IRSHA is obligated to
  1. Maintain confidentiality and integrity of data by accessing the IT system as per the password and access control policies.
  2. Provide physical and virus protection to all computer systems, networks and servers.
  3. Provide data storage, backup, and retention as per respective policies at specified interval of time.
  4. Maintain audit trail of work being done with the IT system.
  5. Provide appropriate training to authorized users for handling of IT system.
  6. Ensure the continued availability of data and programs to authorised staff and customers.

IT Resources include computing, networking, communications, application, infrastructure, hardware, software, data, databases, procedures, and any related materials and services.

Director, IRSHA

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