Mrs. Asavari Anirudha Joshi


Date of Birth: 18-04-1979

Qualification: M.Sc. Microbiology

Designation: Scientist


e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: 020-24366920 (ext: 520)

Research experience:

Around twelve years of research experience includes both academic and industrial exposure. Development of explants and primary cell cultures from knee cartilage to evaluate chondro-protective activity of various herbal extracts has been enriching. Involvement in drug discovery and development for cancer at Piramal Life Sciences Ltd has been extremely educational and inspiring.

  • Jan 2015-present CINHD, Pune

    • Working as a Scientist
    • Carrying out research in the field of oncology and degenerative diseases
    • Monitoring activities in the animal tissue culture laboratory
  • Nov2007 – Nov2014 (7 years) Piramal Life Sciences, Mumbai.

    • Worked in the Oncology Therapeutic area as Research Scientist
    • Worked on different targets (signaling pathways) relevant to cancer (major contribution in the discovery of IND molecule, received award for the same)
    • Worked to further decipher mechanism of action for the molecules already in the clinical trials
    • Handled human tumor samples, developed the primary cell cultures and evaluated anticancer potential of standard and in house drug candidates
  • March 2007- May2007 (3 months) Himedia Laboratories, Mumbai

    • Worked as Scientist
    • Involved in Production and Quality assurance for different tissue culture related products
  • July 2002-Nov2006 (4 year) Interactive Research School for health’s affair, Pune

    • Worked as a Research Associate for CSIR funded project
    • Handled human cartilage samples, developed primary chondrocytes cultures and evaluated effect of different herbal extracts on these primary cultures.

Areas of interest:

  • Oncology and Degenerative Diseases


Received Award for significant contribution in “Drug Development of New Chemical Entity for anti-cancer activity” in 2011 (Piramal Life Sciences Ltd.)

Publications: 8 + 2 book chapters

Research Programmes

Deciphering mechanism of action of various anti-cancer drugs alone or in combination at cell signaling level has been the key focus. Work is being carried out using various cell lines and patient derived clinical samples with emphasis on breast cancer and flax lignan.



  1. Aniket V Mali, Asavari A Joshi, Mahabaleshwar V Hegde, and Shivajirao S Kadam. Enterolactone suppresses proliferation, migration and metastasis of MDA-MB231 breast cancer cells through inhibition of uPA induced plasmin activation and MMPs-mediated ECM remodelling. APJCP. 2017; 18(4):905-915.
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Book Chapter

  1. Asavari A. Joshi, Mahabaleshwar V. Hegde and Sharad P. Adekar. Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Cancer: Insight into the Mechanism of Actions in Preclinical Cancer Models. In: Anand A. Zanwar, Sharad P. Adekar and Mahabaleshwar V. Hegde, ed(s). Omega-3 Fatty Acids – Keys to Nutritional Health. Switzerland: Springer International Publishing; 2016:157-172.
  2. Anand Arvind Zanwar, Asavari A. Joshi, Mahabaleshwar V. Hegde. Effects of dietary Omega-3 fatty acid consumption. In Role of the Mediterranean Diet in the Brain and Neurodegenerative Diseases. Academic Press- Elsevier Inc. 2017, Chapter No. 25; 385-395..