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Complaints and Feedback

Complaint Policy

The laboratory has a policy to receive complaints from the internal staffs, vendor, sponsor and customers. The laboratory has a documented procedure to receive, evaluate and make decision on complaints. All complaint information will be handled sensitively with relevant data protection requirements. The laboratory is committed to handle complaints efficiently.

  • A complaint can be received by various means, in writing, electronically through e-mail, by telephone, customer in person or their representative and through customer`s feedback. A complaint can also be dropped in the complaint box located in the laboratory.
  • The laboratory aims to respond to the complaints in a timely manner so as to enhance confidence in the laboratory management process, use the information received to improve the quality of our services.
  • The laboratory’s objective is to ensure that the complainants feel comfortable that their complaints / worries are listened to and resolved upon promptly.

Procedures for handling complaints

  • The complainant can directly fills the Complaint Investigation Form and submit it to the Laboratory Manager. If the laboratory personnel receive the complaint, laboratory personnel fills the Complaint Investigation Form and forward it to the Laboratory Manager for resolution.
  • All the relevant information about the complaint should be recorded in Complaint Investigation Form.
  • The laboratory sends the acknowledgement of the receipt of complaint and informs the complainant about the time required to resolve the complaint.
  • On discussing the problem, laboratory manager investigates the complaints and appropriate corrective action is taken and its effectiveness is ensured, followed by closure of the complaint.
  • The laboratory informs the complainant about the progress and outcome of the complaints.
  • The summary of all matters received should be reported to the management in the management review meetings. If the matter is of serious concerns, it should be reported to the management as soon as possible.
  • The record file is maintained containing information related to customer complaint investigation.
Complaint Form
  1. To submit any complaint related to testing activity at NIBEC, please fills up the below form..

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