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Interactive Research School For Health Affairs (IRSHA), Pune


Dr. Ruchika Kaul-Ghanekar

Cancer Research Lab

Inflammation, if unregulated, can become chronic, inducing tumor initiation and malignant growth. The tumor microenvironment, which includes a complex mix of vasculature, inflammatory cells, and stromal cells is influenced by various mechanisms, including the production of cytokines, pro-inflammatory mediators, angiogenesis, and tissue remodeling. Thus, targeting inflammation in cancer would put a check on the underlying signal transduction cascades that in effect would regulate the cancer growth. This strategy would work for both cancer prevention as well as cancer therapy. The main focus of our group is to target the inflammatory pathways in cancer with natural products and investigate their effect on the tumor regulation. Our group has established mechanistic approach in the effective use of nutritional and natural products, small molecules and AYUSH drugs to get translated into novel interventions/therapeutics against breast, cervical and prostate cancer. The funding of our group is supported by many government agencies which include CCRH and CCRUM AYUSH; DST SERB, ICMR and DBT.

Current Research Projects

S.No. Project Title Role Funding Agency Year Amount (Lakhs)
1 Repurposing cephalosporins for cervical cancer treatment PI ICMR 2020-23 31.13
2 Phytochemical standardization and evaluation of anti-cancer and immunomodulatory activity of Unani formulation, Itrifal Gudadi" PI AYUSH, EOI, CCRUM 2020-23 43.57
3 Evaluating the anticancer activity and mechanism of action of Unani formulation Habbe Musaffi Khoon against cervical cancer PI AYUSH, EMR, CCRUM 2018-21 57.56
4 Evaluating the effect of Alpha linolenic acid (ALA), an omega 3 fatty acid, on modulation of epigenetic markers in cervical cancer cell lines PI DST SERB 2018-21 33
5 Comparing vaginal microflora diversity between healthy and cervical cancer women for identifying isolates having probiotic and anticancer potential Mentor DST WOS A 2018-21 32.06
6 Evaluating the anticancer activity of homeopathic preparation of Linum usitatissimum in breast cancer cell lines Mentor AYUSH, EMR, CCRH 2018-20 42.02
7 Evaluating the anticancer activity of different higher homeopathic potencies (200C, 1M, 10M, 50M, CM) of Terminalia chebula (TC) in breast cancer cell lines and analyzing the best potency for activity against in vivo breast cancer model PI AYUSH, EMR, CCRH 2016-19 43

Completed Research Projects

S.No. Project Title Role Funding Agency Year Amount (Lakhs)
1 Evaluation of anti-cancer potential of extract derived from marine-organisms in cancerous and non-cancerous cell lines PI IISER 2016-17 10
2 Synthesis and characterization of cinnamaldehyde-FITC-Folate conjugated Fe3O4 nanoparticles for targeted delivery in breast cancer PI DST Nanomission 2016-17 12
3 Evaluating the antineoplastic potential of Panchavalkala, an Ayurvedic formulation, in cervical cancer- an in vivo study PI Bharat Seva Sansthan, NGO 2014 3
4 Development of Standardized herbal anti-inflammatory product for the management of Osteoarthritis PI DBT 2010-13 43.97
5 Regulation of tumor growth through nutritional intervention involving omega-3 fatty acids PI DBT 2009-12 37.44

Publications: 65 (International: 56; National: 5; Book Chapters: 4)
Ph.D.s awarded: 7

Current Team:

Scientific staff
  • Dr. Ruchika Kaul-Ghanekar, Associate professor and Head
  • Dr. Prerna Raina, Sr. Research Assistant
  • Dr. Ashwini Kamble, DST Women scientist A (WOS-A)
  • Kavita Shinde, Technical Assistant
Ph.D. students
  • Varsha Shetty, PhD student
  • Minal Mahajan, PhD student
  • Amrita Ulhe, PhD student
  • Apoorva Parimoo, PhD student
  • Amol Choudhary, DBT JRF
  • Aakanksha Mahajan, DBT-JRF
  • Rama Rajadnya, DST Inspire-JRF
  • Prajakta Patil, DST Inspire-JRF
Project staff
  • Dr. Aliya Khan, BUMS, JRF
  • Nidhi Sharma, JRF
  • Rupika Pawar, JRF
  • Samradhni Pingale, JRF

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