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Interactive Research School For Health Affairs (IRSHA), Pune

Communicable Diseases

Dr. Vidya Arankalle

The main focus of this group is on childhood immunization and dengue fever


  • Immune response to childhood vaccinations in Indian preterm infants. PI- DR V Arankalle
  • Prevalence of antibodies against measles, mumps, rubella and varicella in cord blood and toddlers. PI- Nandini Mhase, CO-PI- V. Arankalle, A C Mishra
  • Establishment of a SMART Network System for dengue surveillance in Pune, an initiative for Smart City mission programmes. PI- A C Mishra
  • Standardization of Plaque Reduction Neutralization Test for dengue PI-Dr V. Arankalle

Current Team

Mrs. Ruta Kulkarni Research Associate
Mrs. Divya Tiraki Sr. Research Assistant
Miss. Mrunal Gosavi Technical Assistant
Mr. Mandar Bhutkar Technical Assistant
Mr. Tushar Bhosale Data Entry Operator

Dr. Shubham Shrivastava

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